Did a Polk County Teacher’s punishment go too far? 

POLK COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – A family is outraged after they claim their 7-year-old was forced to scrub school floors with a toothbrush for talking during class.

The incident reportedly happened last week at Lake Alfred Elementary.

According to the family, the teacher took the 7-year-old to another classroom where another teacher forcer her to scrub the floors with a bucket and a toothbrush for hours, in front of a classroom full of children.

The parents found out after their 7-year-old complained of back pain after school.

A DCF Spokesperson confirmed that the agency is now investigating the incident.

According to the Polk County School Board, the teachers have been placed on leave. They sent this statement to News Channel 8:

“We are deeply concerned about the allegations regarding two teachers at Lake Alfred Elementary. We have begun a formal investigation, and both teachers have been placed on administrative leave. This matter is also being investigated by law enforcement and the Department of Children and Families, with our full cooperation. 

Our schools are required to follow a Code of Student Conduct; it is expected that all disciplinary measures be handled in a manner that is respectful to the student and preserves their dignity. If true, the allegations described at Lake Alfred Elementary are completely unacceptable.”