TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The nation’s youngest U.S. Congressman, Democrat Maxwell Frost of Florida, has called on the state legislature to hold Gov. Ron DeSantis accountable for alleged violations of the Florida Constitution.

Frost, age 25 and newly sworn into office in Washington as the first Gen Z member of Congress, issued a statement urging the Florida Senate to act after a federal judge ruled that DeSantis had violated state law with his suspension of Andrew Warren from the office of State Attorney.

“A United States Federal Judge has now made it clear that Governor Ron DeSantis violated not only the Florida Constitution, but Andrew Warren’s First Amendment rights when he unlawfully suspended State Attorney Warren last August,” Frost said in a statement.

However, Frost’s statement to the press noted the hurdles ahead, with a “Republican-controlled Florida State Senate” currently in Tallahassee. The Florida House of Representatives is also in similar control, with supermajorities in both chambers.

The judge’s ruling came Friday, more than a month after a three-day bench trial in federal court, where Warren sued DeSantis for removing him from office over politics instead of job performance and accused him of violating his First Amendment rights.

While U.S. Judge Robert Hinkle ruled against reinstating Warren to office, preserving DeSantis’ appointment of Susan Lopez for the 13th Judicial Circuit State Attorney, the judge also said DeSantis had violated Florida’s Constitution.

Frost’s statement to the Florida Senate continued, saying that no one, the governor included, is above the law and accusing DeSantis of abusing his power of office.

“As self-proclaimed fierce defenders of the Constitution, I am calling on the Republican-controlled Florida Senate to put partisanship aside and do the right thing by following the letter of the law and reviewing State Attorney Warren’s suspension, and immediately reinstating him to his duly elected position,” Frost said.

Frost was elected in the November general election as the U.S. Congressman for Florida’s 10th federal congressional district.