TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — A new poll out of University of North Florida puts the two democratic candidates for governor neck and neck going into the remaining week before the primary elections.

“These numbers are very different than a lot of other polls and I’m cognisant of that,” said Dr. Michael Binder, a public opinion research lab director said.

The poll out of the opinion research lab at UNF is an outlier. It found that 47% would vote for Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried while 43% would vote for her rival, Rep. Charlie Crist.

“This campaign is touching people across the state so we know this poll is showing the momentum that we’re feeling,” said Fried.

This is a reversal of the same poll out of UNF last February that showed Crist eight points ahead of Fried.

“All I care about is what happens next Tuesday night. I look forward to a nice victory,” said Crist

Whichever candidate wins, the poll shows them both seven points behind current governor Ron DeSantis in the midterm elections.

“These polls can move and they’re not perfect predictors of what’s going to happen on election day for a host of reasons, but I think they give you a sense that this might be a relatively close race,” said Binder.

Throughout the next week, both candidates have a packed schedule, traveling all across the state in their final attempts to appeal to voters as they head to the polls.