TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — It’s the final Fourth of July before the primary season, and to mark the occasion, Gov. Ron DeSantis hit the campaign trail for two parades in New Hampshire.

One political expert told WFLA investigator Mahsa Saeidi, the governor is marching for his political life.

DeSantis has been on the campaign trail since May and so far, his poll numbers have not been going in the right direction. We’re still more than six months away from the primary season.

One political expert told 8 On Your Side that things can certainly change — if the campaign’s tactic does.

“Coming from Florida, I cannot complain about this weather,” Gov. DeSantis said during a parade in Wolfeboro, NH on Tuesday.

“We appreciate your support,” DeSantis added during a crowded photo opportunity with voters.

The question: Is the DeSantis campaign in decline?

FiveThirtyEight is a website that analyzes and averages polling data. According to its tracker,  nationally, former President Trump is leading DeSantis by nearly 30 percentage points — about 51% to 23%.

Let’s look at a recent poll from New Hampshire:

According to St. Anselm College Survey Center poll, Trump is leading DeSantis by the same large margin. Trump led 47% to DeSantis’ 19%.

Tara Newsom is a political analyst. She said DeSantis is not connecting with voters.

“It looks like voters are starting to really get to know him and the more they get to know him, his narrative is a lot different than the man,” Newsom said.

“Gov. DeSantis cannot get within striking reach of Donald Trump and every time he makes a campaign stop, voters seem to step back.”

The governor’s campaign sent 8 On Your Side the following statement; “Ron Desantis has been underestimated in every race he has won, and this time will be no different. Donald Trump has to explain to Republican voters why he didn’t do the things he is now promising in his first term as president. Governor Ron DeSantis over-delivered on his promises as governor and has the national vision we need to restore our country, clean out DC, and lead our Great American Comeback. This campaign is a marathon, not a sprint; we will be victorious.”

Former President Trump did not head to a parade today.

Twice impeached, twice indicted, and still the party’s clear frontrunner.

“There’s a base that wants to re-elect Donald Trump and that’s what Gov. DeSantis is fighting. Unless he pivots, he’s not going to make inroads, and these early primaries aren’t going to go well for him,” Newsom said.

Newsom says the DeSantis campaign needs to switch tactics and pull the governor off the campaign trail.

Instead, send surrogates like First Lady Casey DeSantis.

More than half a dozen other GOP hopefuls marched in parades in New Hampshire and Iowa today.

It’s a Fourth of July tradition before the primaries and caucuses.

Meantime, in that New Hampshire poll, nearly 70% of Democratic primary voters are backing President Biden.