TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — Tampa Mayor Jane Castor easily won reelection in Tuesday’s municipal race, but she had no opposition on the ballot. However, some city council incumbents lost their bids to retain office and there will be runoffs in several races.

In a crowded field of candidates, there will be a runoff in the Tampa City Council District 2 race between Guido Maniscalco and Robin Lockett.

In District 1, incumbent Joe Citro lost. Retired air traffic controller Alan Clendenin and educator Sonja Brookins will face off in a runoff election.

One of the more surprising runoffs will be in District 6, between long-time city council member Charlie Miranda and newcomer Hoyt Prindle.

Prindle said he’s focused on the future. “We’re a solutions-oriented campaign that looks to go to city hall and fix problems,” he said.

“The public needs the best police and fire protection we can have. Our roads are in terrible condition and needs to be addressed,” Miranda said. “We need to solve the housing crisis and find a way to build affordable housing.”

Prindle said he wants to campaign on the issues important to voters. “Housing, we have an affordable housing crisis, transportation, everyone knows our public transportation system is woefully lacking and needs help, and obviously we want to protect our environment and pure is going to be a big deal and I oppose PURE in its current form,” he said.

In District 3, Lynn Hurtak will face former State Sen. Janet Cruz in a runoff. Hurtak is the incumbent but says she’s faced an uphill battle.

“I’ve only been on council for 10 months but I’ve gotten wonderful feedback and I think it’s a wonderful testament to what I’ve been able to do,” said Hurtak.

Janet Cruz said people in her district are concerned about the high cost of housing.

“They’re worried about being pushed out of their homes and where would they go if they are. They’re worried about their children not being able to live in the city of Tampa anymore,” said Cruz.

The runoff elections will be held on April 25.