(NBC News) — The Secret Service said Monday it’s “aware” of a potential hack of an iCloud owned by Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden, after some of its alleged contents were posted to the online forum 4Chan.

“At this time we are not in a position to make public comments on potential investigative actions but I can assure you the Secret Service along with other federal law enforcement partners are aware of the social media posts and claims referencing Mr. Biden,” U.S. Secret Service spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi said in a statement.

NBC News was not able to immediately get access to the material and it is not yet possible to determine if the purported copy of the iCloud account was current or if it comes from material that has previously been reviewed by NBC and other news organizations. 

Some of that information first emerged in the runup to the 2020 election, after former President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani said he obtained Hunter Biden’s laptop from a Delaware computer store and shared a copy of the hard drive with the New York Post. NBC News was unable to confirm the content and authenticity of the emails and other records at the time because Giuliani refused to share a copy of the hard drive.

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