TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — Criticism was amplified Wednesday about the state’s decision to reject an advanced placement (AP) course on African American studies. 

Hundreds made their voices heard in the streets of Tallahassee as they marched from Bethel Missionary Baptist Church to the Florida State Capitol.

Famed civil rights activists and state lawmakers joined protestors.

“Sitting silent is no longer an option. We need to let the governor know what he’s doing is not OK and we’ve come with an army of people to let him know that’s not okay.” State Sen. Shevrin Jones said. “We’re standing in solidarity, shoulder to shoulder, to fight back against the governor’s far-right agenda.” State Rep. Anna Eskamani added. 

Famed civil rights leader Rev. Al Sharpton spoke at a news conference following the march saying “DeSantis is aiming to rewrite black history,” and he came to Tallahassee to “make sure that Florida does not set a national standard,” by rejecting the AP African American studies course.

Meanwhile, the state says it “indoctrinates students to a political agenda”. As a result, the governor has considered ditching the College Board entirely saying the state should “utilize other providers.”

The official revised framework from the College Board has yet to be submitted according to a spokesperson for Florida’s education department who says they have yet to receive the revisions.