TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — Protestors inside and outside the capitol Monday tried to shout down Senators as they passed Florida’s strictest abortion ban to date.

After several disruptions, the Senate president demanded that everyone in the gallery be escorted out. 

Shortly after everyone exited the gallery, the Senate passed the measure (27-13).

The bill reduces the state’s current 15-week ban to 6 weeks.

The bill sponsor applauded the victory for those opposed to abortion.

“For 50 years the killing of innocent children has been legal. Legal does not equate to right.” State Sen. Erin Grall said. “I would imagine there will be many tens of thousands of babies saved because of this law passing in Florida.” 

The bill also creates a new exception for human trafficking, adding it to the list of exceptions for victims of rape and incest up to 15 weeks of pregnancy. Despite the addition, Democrats still disapprove.

“It is a cruel and inhumane bill for the women of Florida.” State Sen. Lori Berman said.

Both of these bills align financially but the House will need to take up a few amendments that were added to the upper chamber’s version.

The next step is for the Florida House to pass the bill and for the governor to sign it into law, but that’s all contingent on a case playing out in Florida’s Supreme Court against the current 15-week ban.

If the Florida Supreme Court rules against the 15-week ban, this 6-week ban will be tossed with it. If not, the 6-week ban wouldn’t go into effect until 30 days after becoming law.