TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — All K-12 students in Florida could soon be eligible for a private school voucher from the state.

Republican lawmakers advanced the universal school voucher bill Tuesday, bringing the biggest expansion of school vouchers in Florida history one step closer to reality.

The program would take away the income restrictions currently in place, opening up the school voucher program to all students.

Democrats are raising concerns about the price tag of the bill, which is still unclear. Some suggested the bill shouldn’t move forward without a look at how much it could potentially cost taxpayers.

“It’s unfortunate that we’re looking at this aspect of it when it comes to education and no one can supply data. If that’s the precedent that we’re about to start setting then what else are we going to start doing?” State Sen. Shevrin Jones said.

Regardless, the bill got through its Senate Appropriations Subcommittee Tuesday, even without the numbers.

“I hope to have them before our next committee, but at this time I can’t give you that timeline,” said State Sen. Corey Simon, the bill’s sponsor.

With the GOP supermajorities in the legislature, the bill will likely make its way to the governor’s desk.

Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed reservations about the aspect of the bill that potentially gives state funds to families who can already afford private tuition.

“If you have a family that’s very high income, they don’t necessarily need this,” DeSantis said Tuesday, following his State of the State address.

DeSantis added this is not a “dealbreaker” and that he will sign the bill when it comes to his desk.