TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A new poll of Republican and Republican-leaning independent voters revealed they would prefer Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as the party’s presidential nominee in 2024, over former President Donald Trump.

YouGov conducted a poll in the days after the midterm elections to get Americans’ take on Congress being divided between parties. Democrats will maintain control of the Senate, and while Republicans are likely to win a slim majority in the House of Representatives, it is not the “red wave” that was promised by pundits and pollsters ahead of Election Day.

YouGov also asked voters if they want their parties to move in another direction. One question posed to Republicans and Republican-learning independents explores how they would side in a proposed 2024 primary matchup that has been making headlines: Donald Trump vs. Ron DeSantis.

42% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independent voters said they would prefer DeSantis as the party’s next presidential nominee, while 35% said they would prefer Trump. YouGov noted this was a reversal of their poll conducted in October, in which 35% preferred DeSantis and 45% said they wanted Trump.

Independents who lean Republican strongly preferred DeSantis, while those who identified themselves as “strong Republicans” were divided, with Trump leading by just 2%.

Trump has lashed out at Florida’s governor in recent weeks and is expected to announce his third presidential run on Tuesday.

You can read more about YouGov’s poll and its methodology here.