TAMPA (CNN Newsource) – Presumptive Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris has chosen “Pioneer” as her Secret Service code name, a law enforcement official told CNN on Monday.

Those under Secret Service protection choose their code names from a list that has been approved by the White House Communications Agency. Candidates are often known to choose code names, or call signs, that resonate with them personally.

The code name “Pioneer” is a nod to Harris taking her place in history as the first Black woman and Indian American woman on a major party ticket.

One former secret service official says protectees seem to take the on the personas of the call names they select.

See if you agree… Here are some examples:

Former President Barack Obama was “Renegade”… Michelle Obama was “Renaissance” and Barbara bush was “Tranquility”

President Donald Trump’s Secret Service code name is “Mogul,” and first lady Melania Trump’s is “Muse.” Vice President Mike Pence’s is “Hoosier,” and second lady Karen Pence’s is “Hummingbird.”

Joe Biden has re-claimed the code name he used while serving as vice president “Celtic” and Jill Biden has also taken the same name “Capri.”