TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida senator has introduced legislation to limit terms of office for school boards and county commissions across the state’s 67 counties.

Senate Bill 1110, filed by Sen. Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill), would limit school board members’ terms to an eight year limit, down from 12, and establish term limits for county commissioners. According to a release from Ingoglia, there are currently not term limits for commissioners in Florida.

As written, SB 1110 sets term limits to eight years for county commissioners, in addition to the reduction of time in office for school board members.

The bill stipulates that anyone who started a term of office before Nov. 8, 2022 would not have that term counted toward the limitation. The term limits are applied to consecutive years in office.

Current Florida law already sets term limits for lawmakers in the Florida House and Florida Senate, as well as for the governor and the state’s elected cabinet members.

“Serving in the same position in government should not be a decades long endeavor. Term limits not only ensure better representation, they bring about much needed fresh ideas to tackle public policy challenges,” Ingoglia said. “For too long, the lack of term limits have hindered the ability of communities to develop the next set of leaders. It’s time to change course. SB 1110 is necessary and will bring about decisive improvement in accountability in local government.”

The term limit issue for Florida politicians of all walks and positions is one that has been floated several times by state officials, including Gov. Ron DeSantis.

In March 2022, the governor approved a bill setting term limits for school board members. In comments made ahead of the bill signing, DeSantis said not only should Florida politicians all have term limits, but federal lawmakers should as well.

“I’m a big believer on term limits, I think the eight years in the House is good. The eight years in the Senate in Florida is good. I would like to have seen that in school boards as well,” DeSantis said in March. “Is the 12 the worst thing in the world? Maybe it could be good, because we do have some in the state that have been really entrenched for a long time. I think you go in, you achieve some things, and then go, and that’s really the model I’d like to do.”

Should Ingoglia’s bill get the support it needs in the state legislature, it would take effect July 1.