TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A bill that would loosen Florida’s gun laws is one step closer to the governor’s desk after passing the House.

HB 153 is one of the most controversial bills this session. It allows gun owners to carry a concealed weapon without a state-issued permit or the training required to get it. 

The measure is wrapped into a broader public safety bill.

Republicans say this all boils down to protecting Second Amendment rights 

“Florida will not come between you and your freedom to protect yourself anymore” State Rep. Chuck Brannan said.

But Democrats say public safety will suffer.

“This is the most soft on crime I’ve ever seen during my time in Tallahassee,” said State Rep. Fentrice Driskell.

Meanwhile, some Republicans want the bill to go further.

“I think this bill should go further. I think we should allow open carry in Florida,” State Rep. Mike Beltran said.

“I would support it personally but I think we’ve landed in a spot where we got a bill,” State Rep. Paul Renner said. 

The bill now heads to the Florida Senate where it’s expected to pass and be sent to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk.