TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Florida Legislature is considering a ban on certain college degrees, and will vote on expanding the list of banned majors in the bill during a House Committee hearing on Monday.

House Bill 999, introduced by State Rep. Alex Andrade (R-Escambia), echoes proposals from Gov. Ron DeSantis. The bill would ban majors or minors in critical race theory and gender studies and subjects like intersectionality. HB 999 also builds on previous legislation from 2022 that created a five-year review process for tenured faculty in Florida, which passed last year.

A proposed committee substitute that will be reviewed in the House on Monday, would expand the list of banned majors by several degrees.

According to the PCS for HB 999, Critical Race Studies, Critical Ethnic Studies, Radical Feminist Theory, Radical Gender Theory, Queer Theory, and Critical Social Justice would also be on the chopping block.

Like the previous version of the bill, majors or minors that include curriculum which “promotes the concepts” would also be banned.

Both versions of the bill contain a provision to block universities in Florida from “soliciting pledges” or commitments that are supportive or against viewpoints about diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as CRT rhetoric, or other “political identity or ideology” as part of a hiring or promotion process, including tenure applications and performance reviews.

The bill would also add requirements that the aforementioned viewpoint rhetoric is not used when evaluating admissions or student disciplinary processes. If passed, HB 999 would also allow the boards to “delegate” hiring power to presidents of the institution, but they would still have to approve the hiring decisions.