ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — At an event for a bill signing to put progress monitoring assessments into state law, Gov. Ron DeSantis expressed support for term limits for politicians and school board members, both in Florida and federally.

A question on curriculum transparency, focused on House Bill 1467, sets a 12-year term limit for school board members, prompted the governor’s comments on term limits at all levels.

“I’m a big believer in term limits, I think it should be eight years, two terms. They did three terms, that’s fine, I wouldn’t veto the bill over just that. If it were a standalone measure, I would have insisted on just two terms for school board members because I think that’s enough time,” DeSantis said. “I’m a huge believer in term limits. I think what term limits does is it tells these legislators ‘your time is limited, you know come in, leave a legacy.'”

DeSantis turned his critique of long-serving politicians on the federal government.

“Instead in Washington where they don’t have term limits, what is the incentive to do? The incentive for them is to get elected and stay there as long as they can and to stay there for decades, create a little fiefdom, and it’s all about going back in,” DeSantis said.

With the House Speaker as a point of reference, DeSantis said the knowledge of “being Speaker for two years” made Sprowls focus on legislative priorities and “getting stuff done” instead of “posturing for the next election.”

DeSantis is supportive of the current limits in Florida’s legislature, which caps time in each chamber at eight years.

“I’m a big believer on term limits, I think the eight years in the House is good. The eight years in the Senate in Florida is good. I would like to have seen that in school boards as well,” DeSantis said. “Is the 12 the worst thing in the world? Maybe it could be good, because we do have some in the state that have been really entrenched for a long time. I think you go in, you achieve some things, and then go, and that’s really the model I’d like to do.”

The governor said people “tell him all the time” that things are run “much better” in Florida than in Washington, and he said that’s largely, in his opinion, due to a lack of term limits for members of Congress.

“If we could term limit members of Congress, you would be able to bring in new blood, you’d be able to bring in new ideas, people would have an incentive to go in and say ‘hey, I may only have three terms in the U.S. House, I wanna get something done,’ instead of kind of doing what they’ve gone into a big morass in terms of how they do business,” DeSantis said.