TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — State officials across the country have called for investigations into Florida’s migrant relocation program. 

The latest to take issue is California Assemblyman Evan Low, who filed a resolution Wednesday. Bill ACR 113 calls for a federal probe into the Florida program and aims to hold Gov. DeSantis specifically accountable.

“This measure would urge that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis be held accountable and investigated for the criminal nature of specified actions, and that the United States Department of Justice investigate the governor for Florida’s Unauthorized Alien Transport Program,” the Bill reads.

Low also stated, “All morally conscious Americans should be concerned that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his agents – using Florida tax dollars – illegally trafficked vulnerable migrants across state lines.”

It’s the latest conflict between California and Florida officials over Florida’s controversial migrant relocation program. The dispute stems from two flights in June that transported 36 migrants from Texas to Sacramento, California.