TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WFLA) — Speaking to lawmakers on the opening day of the 2023 legislative session, the governor laid out what pieces of legislation he’d like to see cross his desk over the next 60 days.

Just moments before the governor said “I can promise you this … you ain’t seen nothing yet,” a bill was filed reducing Florida’s current abortion ban. Almost replaying last year’s first day of the legislative session when the 15-week abortion ban was filed.

The abortion bill, filed by State Sen. Grall, is one of 1,712 bills that were filed ahead of the session. Grall’s bill drew national attention as it came as a surprise to many.

Current law bans the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy. If approved, the ban would be reduced to 6 weeks.

Also, it would add in exceptions for rape and incest at up to 15 weeks, something Sen. President Kathleen Passidomo has pushed for since day one.

The proposal drew widespread criticism from Democrats, “I believe that exemption is nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt for republicans to feel better about themselves at night. As a survivor of sexual assault, it’s crap.” State Sen. Minority Leader Lauren Book said.

The governor is on board to sign the legislation. Saying Tuesday, “I think those exceptions are sensible. As I’ve said, I support pro-life legislation.”