TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — The Florida legislative session kicks off on March 7 with opening ceremonies, beginning a months-long process of writing, reviewing, amending, and trying to pass a veritable stampede of legislation for the state.

Lawmakers from across the aisle are bringing their ideas of what Florida needs to the forefront and the Senate and House floors, hoping to gain their colleagues support and provide changes and relief for state residents.

Heading in, more than 1,000 bills have already been filed, focused on education, tax relief, immigration, criminal justice reform, and more.

Here’s a few of the bigger ticket items to keep an eye on as the 2023 Florida Legislature starts its normal session.


Changes to Florida’s curriculum, education rules, and even teacher conduct are all on the table this session. From changes to higher education and restrictions on not only what can be taught but how, to reductions in how many students are learning about reproductive health, Florida lawmakers have already introduced at least 10 bills aimed at removing “indoctrination” and “ideology” from the public school system, including Pre-K to colleges and universities.

Abortion Rights & Restrictions

After 2022’s passage of House Bill 5, which restricted abortion access in Florida to 15 weeks of gestation, lawmakers and Gov. Ron DeSantis have said they want to make those restrictions even broader, pushing the limit back from 15 weeks to just six.

Even if the bill clears both chambers and gets DeSantis’ signature, which he’s already promised to provide, the proposal will likely face legal challenges, while contests of HB 5 continue in Florida courts.

Gun Rights & Control

Lawmakers are taking two approaches to gun rights and gun control in Florida. Some lawmakers are proposing a complete removal of restrictions for carrying a concealed firearm in the state, another policy that DeSantis has promised to approve of, while other lawmakers instead want to track and potentially limit who can buy ammo, who it can be given to, and whether or not you should have a background check to do so.

Tax Relief

During a budget proposal for the year, DeSantis announced a number of tax relief options for Floridians that he’d like the legislature to implement.

If the governor gets his wish, the state would approve roughly $1.5 billion in tax relief for state residents, including for items like diapers, gas stoves, and an expanded summer fun tax holiday.

Criminal Justice, Crime & Law Enforcement

Another topic with multiple approaches seeing efforts in Tallahassee, criminal justice and law enforcement reforms have been pitched by representatives and senators on both sides of the political spectrum.

Miscellaneous Priorities and Proposals

Moving away from the rest, Florida lawmakers have already announced or filed plans to handle affordable housing to tort reform to animal welfare. Here are a few of the proposals already making the rounds in the halls of the Florida Capitol.

Rights and Regulations

Not only is Florida introducing several reforms to litigation, it’s also putting up what it calls protections for free speech, and even some requirements for writers who cover politics to put themselves on a state registry. Also coming to lawmakers for a decision is a ban on certain social media sites.