APOPKA, Fla. (WESH) — Police said an Apopka Memorial Middle School teacher exchanged 129,000 text messages with a female student.

Investigators said the inappropriate relationship began while the girl was in middle school and continued as she moved on to high school.

The teenager involved said she wasn’t having a romantic relationship with her physical education teacher and told police she made up a lot of the things she told her teacher as they exchanged those messages.

But detectives don’t think the teacher made up what she said in response to the teen’s messages. Some of the content is too graphic to repeat.

After a months-long investigation, Apopka police arrested Alyson London, a physical education teacher at Apopka Memorial Middle School, on 22 charges.

Detectives found deleted text messages — 129,000 in all — between London and the now 14-year-old former student.

“Hundreds of messages (deleted) including that of a sexual nature, rape, drugs and abuse…11,394 pages of readable content (129,202 messages),” according to investigators.

According to the offense report, before the girl moved on to high school, a co-worker witnessed London rubbing the teen’s shoulders in an office where students aren’t allowed. Investigators said a co-worker witnessed the two “constantly touch each other’s legs, back, hair, etc.”

She also reported London, the teen and another girl would meet up at parks around Apopka each week.

WESH 2 News tried to reach London, who’s out of jail on a nearly $33,000 bail, at her home, but no one answered the door.

The texts detailed in the 19-page report are just a few of tens of thousands.

In one text message chain, police said London explained orgasms and how to touch herself. In another, they said she explained, to who she thought was another person, how to have sex with the girl while she slept.

In a message that was sent this past August, London told the girl she’s in love with her.

“8th grade year I fell in love,” “I could have walked away many times and didn’t,” “Instead, my love for you grew.”

The girl said she thought of London as a mentor and not romantically. She said she told London stories about being physically abused, raped and drugged because she wanted someone to believe she “led an interesting life even though she did not.”

Made up or not, police said as a teacher, London was mandated to report suspicions of abuse and they said she never did.

London pleaded not guilty and was released from jail Monday after posting bail.