BRADENTON, Fla. – Authorities say a Florida man faces charges after he extracted 10 teeth without anesthetic and made dentures during house calls to save people money.

Robert “Robbie” Rheinlander, 53, claimed he was a dentist in South Carolina before moving to Florida. He was charged Wednesday with practicing dentistry without a license.

Rheinlander’s arrest came after an investigation, started when a couple told a Manatee County Sheriff’s Office detective in September that Rheinlander extracted the woman’s tooth, leaving a tooth fragment that caused medical problems.

James and Rachel Potter told detectives they were introduced to Rheinlander and his wife, Donna, in 2013. The Potters said Rheinlander offered to perform work for lower prices and let the couple pay him cash. Detectives say the work included pulling teeth, completing follow up visits due to complications, administering a numbing agent through injections, taking impressions, and making dentures and dental plates.

Rheinlander started performing dentistry work on the couple in December 2013, detectives said. James Potter said he had an infected tooth pulled at his residence and was charged $70.

Potter said he contacted Rheinlander again in June 2014 to pull another tooth. This time Potter went to Rheinlander’s residence. Potter told detectives he sat in a reclining chair in the living room to have the tooth pulled.

Potter said Rheinlander used dental tools and a numbing agent. Potter said that about a week later he developed a dry socket where the tooth had been pulled. He said Rheinlander came to his home to treat the infection.

Potter contacted Rheinlander again in February 2015 to complete additional dental work, detectives said.

In April Rachel Potter had two rear teeth pulled and impressions made for future dentures, detectives said. Two weeks later, Rachel Potter told detectives, Rheinlander had to return to her home because he had left part of the tooth in her jaw.

Rachel Potter said in September 2015 she went to Rheinlander’s home. She had approximately 11 of her top teeth pulled and was given temporary dentures, officials said.

The Potters said they finally searched online and found no proof Rheinlander had a dentistry license in Florida. The Potters also said they found Go-2-Dental in Sarasota. Tommy Rheinlander is listed as the owner, though the only listed registered dentist is Jonathon Jacob Bromboz.

Authorities say Tommy Rheinlander and Robert Reinlander are brothers.

Jail records don’t indicate whether Rheinlander has a lawyer. Records show Rheinlander was licensed as a dental technician in South Carolina between 2004 and 2006.The Associated Press contributed to this report.