(MEDIA GENERAL) – Pokemon Go’s alternate reality has taken the country by storm and now has been used to show a sign of solidarity with the LGBT community thanks to one player.

The augmented reality game allows players to wander the actual world, not just the Poke-world, to capture wild pokemon, train them and try to control local “gyms.” Pokemon gyms typically are popular public places, like parks, memorials, places of worship or tourist attractions. One such gym just so happens to be the infamous Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas.

Several social media accounts have taken screenshots of the game to show that a Clefairy named “LOVEISLOVE” has been set to protect the gym by the gym’s leader. “Love is love” is a common saying among the LGBT community, pushing for equality and tolerance.

To little surprise, WBC, which is known for its strong stance against homosexuality, is fighting back – literally.

The church now is playing the game and using Jigglypuff, a popular pokemon, with plans on taking over the gym from the “Bible-dumb rebels.”

“We try to speak whatever language is being spoken,” Steve Drain, an elder at Westboro Baptist Church, told USA Today.