RIVERTON, Wyo. (AP) – Authorities in central Wyoming are investigating after a woman playing the popular smartphone game Pokemon Go found a man’s body in a river. 

Shayla Wiggins decided she would go on a walk before work with hopes of finding Pokemon in the new mobile phone game.

“I didn’t know what to do,” Wiggins said. “I was really scared, so I was just like, ‘I should just call 911.’ And then I called 911, and they told me to go wait up at the highway for a police officer.”

Wiggins was under the bridge searching for a specific type of Pokemon.

Pokemon Go is a game app that sends players to real-world locations to capture virtual creatures.

The victim hasn’t been identified pending an autopsy. Lee says the FBI is helping in the investigation.

It comes as police in Missouri say four teens used Pokemon Go to lure victims to a location and rob them.

In Sarasota, police are urging Pokeman GO players not to drive while playing the game and tweeted the message, ‘Don’t catch and drive!’

Information from KCWY TV was included in this report.