Pitchers tested for filtering lead out of water


TAMPA (WFLA/CONSUMER REPORTS) – Lead in our drinking water is becoming a growing concern for many people in various cities and towns. While most water pitcher filters can take care of the odor and taste of your water, there are actually some out there that can also filter out lead and other contaminants.

Most of the pitchers Consumer Reports tested successfully took care of the smell, but only one pitcher earned an excellent rating for both flavor and odor reduction, the PUR Ultimate with lead reduction ppt711w.

Two others garnered a very good, the Pur Basic ppt700w and the Brita Stream Rapids ob55.

“No one filter does it all. Most pitchers will remove chlorine and elements that leave a bad taste, but very few actually remove lead.” said Perry Santanachote, Consumer Reports Home Editor.

You might also want to be aware of how long it take to filter your water while shopping for a pitcher.

“The Brita Stream Rapids filtered 1 quart of water in just one minute and 15 seconds. In comparison, the lead-removing PUR Ultimate took nearly 15 minutes to filter a quart. It’s definitely a factor to consider if you have a thirsty household that goes through a lot of water every day.” said Santanachote.

Also remember to replace the filter in your pitcher as often as the manufacturer recommends, which is usually from $5 to $15 in price.

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