ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Teayonia Hope is still bruised and battered from Monday’s attack and doesn’t want to show her face.

She said it all happened so fast. She was riding her brother’s bike on the sidewalk along Emerson Avenue South when she turned around and saw the grill of a Hyundai coming straight at her.

“I turned around and she was just riding up the curb,” Hope said. “She drove into the neighbor’s yard and hit me off the bike and I flew into the neighbor’s yard and hit the tree. “

Police arrested the driver, 18-year-old Breasia Niblack and charged her with attempted second degree murder. Hope said she and one of Niblack’s relatives had gotten into a disagreement when Breasia got involved.

“Guess what, you could have killed me,” Hope said. “That doesn’t mean, no matter what we had going on or if you had animosity towards me, that don’t give you the right to try and kill somebody. “

On Tuesday, Niblack made her first appearance before a judge. A family member appeared on her behalf asking the judge to release her on her own recognizance. The judge denied that request and set bond at $150,000. Hope does not believe Niblack’s loved ones are taking the situation seriously.

“Guess what? I’m the victim. I’m the victim,” Hope said. “Not y’all. She’s not the victim!”