ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – A St. Petersburg woman is in the hospital after police say she was seriously injured by a dog while trying to do a good deed. Police who responded to the attack say the dog turned on them and they were forced to kill the animal.

But the dog’s owner says that’s not altogether true.

The incident happened on 93rd Avenue North near 8th Street North around 7:40 a.m.

A bleach bottle remained on the sidewalk where the alleged early morning dog attack and shooting took place. A trail of blood was also visible from the sidewalk to the apartments where neighbors say the woman ran for help.

“I went over there and grabbed the dog and I was crying and I gave him a kiss. I mean, he was my buddy man,” said Craig Barr, the owner of the dog shot and killed.

Barr said Kona, his 5-year-old American Bulldog, was his best friend. He said his dog has never hurt anyone before and says he’s furious with the officer who killed Kona.

“It was [the officer’s] fault. And then he pulls out a gun and puts two 9mm’s in the dog. I mean really?” Barr said.

Sandra Bentil with the St. Pete Police Department said officers had no choice.

“In this case you had an aggressive dog that attacked an elderly woman, a police officer, and was charging police officers again. Unfortunately to stop it from attacking they had to shoot it,” Bentil said.

Police sent us of the below picture of the officer’s leg bite.

They said he’s doing okay and out of the hospital.

But as of this publication Friday night, the 67-year-old woman who was attacked isn’t. Police said the woman, whose name they can’t disclose, is still in the hospital.

8 On Your Side spoke with the neighbor who said the woman showed up on her doorstep screaming for help.

She said the amount of blood was overwhelming, with the woman bit on her legs, back and head.

The neighbor told us the 67-year-old was trying to do a good deed by checking on Barr, who was slumped over in his wheelchair.

“The dog was on a leash. I sat down. I guess I must have dozed off for a half-hour, if that,” Barr recalled of the incident.

Barr said his dog didn’t bite her or the officer.

“I didn’t’ see that, my dog didn’t bite anybody,” Barr said.

Police said it wasn’t until the dog broke from his choke chain and lunged at a third person, another officer, that is was shot and killed.

“The dog was a loveable dog. I mean, really. [Why did he have to] kill my dog?” Barr said.

Police have a message about approaching an unknown dog. They said one word: “Don’t.”

The extent of the unknown woman’s injuries is to be determined.

A police investigation is underway.