Editor’s note: This story contains descriptions of events which some readers may find disturbing.

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Jamarcus Bullard said he made a horrific discovery Friday afternoon by a canal on 134th Avenue North that led law enforcement to hunt down a huge alligator.

“I never thought I’d see one out here,” he said. “I thought it would be in the swamps and all that, but it was a big gator out here in our water.”

Bullard pulled out his phone and hit record after seeing a large alligator and human remains in the body of water in unincorporated Largo.

“I threw a rock at the gator just to see if it was really a gator and like it pulled the body, like it was holding on to the lower part of the torso, and pulled it under the water,” Bullard said.

From there, Bullard said the gator showed off its might as deputies and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission tried to capture it.

“They put a rope around its neck and put it on a pully of a truck,” he said. “They were reeling it in, but it started to pull the truck in the water so the guy was like we just got to get it out a different way.”

Video Bullard shared with News Channel 8 showed an FWC officer measuring the length of the monster gator once they killed and pulled it from the water.

“They spotted it over here on this side and they got this long stick thing, pulled the head out of the water, then they shot it and once they reeled it all the way out, they stretched it out and measured it 13 feet long and they shot it again,” Bullard said.

Deputies said the gator was 13 feet, 8.5 inches to be exact.

Neighbors are now on edge after the gruesome discovery.

“My kids walk by there all the time,” said Jennifer Dean, who has lived in the area for four years. “So it’s really scary.”

Bullard said he plans to be more vigilant when walking by the waterway on 154th Avenue North.

“I walk this way for work, there and back, and I’ll always look both ways just in case like an alligator or something like that,” he said.

Investigators are still working to learn the adult’s identity.

The medical examiner will determine the cause and manner of death, and whether or not the alligator is to blame.