PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) – The team at Clearwater Marine Aquarium is keeping a close eye on Winter the Dolphin after noticing something wasn’t right. Members of the Animal Care team noticed last week that the beloved mammal “wasn’t acting like her normal self” and was not interested in eating.

After initial bloodwork, President of Clearwater Marine Aquarium, Dr. James “Buddy” Powell tells 8 On Your Side that  Winter is fighting some sort of gastrointestinal infection.

“She’s gone through this situation before, this one is lasting a little bit longer,” said Dr. James “Buddy” Powell, President of Clearwater Marine Aquarium.

Winter is being monitored closely and undergoing routine tests and exams.

“We are doubling down on any sort of treatment to make sure we can do and take the step necessary to nurse her back into a healthy condition,” added Dr. Powell.

Dr. Powell said there are some indications that things are trending in the right direction for Winter, but she is not out of the woods yet. Everyone at CMA is remaining cautiously optimistic.

Winter became part of the CMA family after getting entangled in a crab trap line and losing her tail in 2005. Since then, the beloved dolphin has been an important part of the Tampa Bay community.

“Her story of survival has inspired millions of people around the world, and she continues to show a strong, determined, and fighting spirit,” a Facebook post from CMA read. “The team is doing everything they can to care for Winter, including monitoring her around the clock, and we will keep the public informed of any change in her condition.”

In the meantime, aquarium visitors will still be able to see Winter from the center’s third-floor Dolphin Terrace.

Those interested in sending notes of encouragement to Winter and the CMA team can do so by emailing