PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Members of the West Klosterman Preserve have a strong faith that they will be able to save the land.

The land is owned by the Pinellas County School District and has not been used since the early 90s. In order to take over the land, the group had to raise $3 million by July 1.

According to the group’s president, Tex Carter, the state set aside a $3 million allotment for the group, but it was vetoed by Gov. Ron Desantis.

“It was a big disappointment,” Carter said. “Some of the people who have a lot of energy for this project say they felt it in their stomach it was a really big loss.”

The group’s goal was not met by the deadline, but they believe the school district will work with them by allowing them to continue fundraising to get the money over time.

The group was up against a developer who who wanted to turn the 14 acre land into a condominium.

“Pinellas County doesn’t have much-undeveloped property left,” Carter said. “And small slices like this are worth saving because they help preserve the atmosphere we all move to Pinellas County for.”

Carter said the group will continue fundraising. If you would like to help, click here.