PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A hammerhead shark was spotted off of South Three Rooker Island in Pinellas County a few weekends ago.

Video sent in by WFLA viewer, Lisa Lemois, shows the shark casually approaching the boat for a few seconds and then turning around.

“He don’t even care,” a man is heard saying.

“Now those, those will bite,” Lemois is heard saying.

Lemois told WFLA that the shark came up to their boat while they were tarpon fishing.

Hammerheads are notoriously known for snacking on tarpon, along with stingrays, grouper, sea catfish, crabs and squid.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation says Hammerhead sharks often inhabit shallow coastal waters in the Gulf and Atlantic in Florida. They advise people to keep a safe distance since they are considered to be very dangerous.

Hammerheads rank seventh in unprovoked bites on humans.