DUNEDIN, Fla. (WFLA) — The city of Dunedin issued a reminder to residents, telling them not to put flammable materials in their garbage cans.

A video posted to the city’s Facebook page showed a garbage truck catching fire on July 19.

According to the post, someone threw out a laundry detergent bottle filled with fuel. The mechanical door of the truck broke the container, covering the collected garbage in a flammable liquid.

The truck ignited just before another bin of trash was dumped over it. A worker then used a fire extinguisher to tamp down the flames.

“Do NOT throw flammable/hazardous chemicals in your garbage bin!” the city said in its Facebook post.

The city said Pinellas County hosts a county-wide mobile collection event for unwanted household electronics and chemicals. You can find more information about the collection event here.