CALADESI ISLAND, Fla. (WFLA) — A “massive amount” of sharks were captured swimming eerily close to beachgoers at Caladesi Island in Dunedin Sunday.

There were so many sharks surrounding the area that drone pilot John Yanchoris, who captured the footage, said he’d never seen sharks so close to people in all his years of flying.

“In all my years of flying, I haven’t seen sharks so close to people in the Tampa Bay area,” he said.

Yachoris flies over the area frequently, capturing all types of sea creatures swimming in the emerald-green waters. Even on Saturday morning, he spotted an “unusual” amount of sharks off the island.

In the video, a few stingrays can be spotted near the swimmers. This footage comes just a few days after a Tampa woman was impaled by a venomous stingray barb in Ruskin.

To see more of Yanchors’ drone videos, visit his YouTube channel.

In the description of his channel, Yanchoris said he’s a former firefighter who has done drone work for local fire departments, as well as anyone who needs aerial footage of their homes or special events.