CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — A Clearwater man decided to turn his fear of clowns into a creative exercise for a Halloween display.

Jeff Somerville said he has been decorating for four years, but he had always thought clowns were scary so he dedicated his Halloween decorations to them.

His massive display features a 35-foot custom-made clown tunnel that greets visitors, which was made by a foreign company.

“It all started out with a hand drawing, and they brought my vision to life!” Somerville said.

According to Somerville, the initial setup process for the display takes two days. However, even when everything is in place, the display is still time-consuming to put up daily.

“I set this up every night ( weather permitting ) that takes me roughly 30 min set up and 30 min to tear down,” Somerville said.

One of the display’s new additions this year is a 12-foot clown. The clown house is located on South San Remo Avenue in Clearwater.