Two years later, the murder of an elderly Clearwater couple remains a mystery

Pinellas County

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CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) – It’s been two years since David and Mina Swan were found shot to death inside their home on Flushing Ave. in Clearwater.

Police still haven’t found the person who shot and killed the couple, both in their eighties.

Clearwater Police released seven photos from the crime scene back in 2018. The photos include the couples’ cars, their mailbox, untouched newspapers at their front door, and their screened lanai.

Investigators are hoping someone sees something police might not recognize.

“We have a lot of photos, but a photo shows what people know that is there. Somebody that lives in that neighborhood may say OK, the car is parked this way, it’s not usually parked that way or this looks a little bit out of place… Something that we don’t recognize on a daily basis, but they do because they drive that road every day, so that is something that we are looking for, something that is sticking out,” said Lieutenant Michael Walek.

Police continue to stress this crime was not a random act of violence; the Swan’s were targeted.

“It is disturbing to me that people in their late age were targeted for this crime. This is a crime that definitely was targeted in anger toward them for a reason and trying to figure out that reason is the biggest step that we have,” said Lt. Walek.

David Swan’s son, Steven, says he is frustrated there hasn’t been much movement in his father’s case. He says the open case has put his family’s life on hold.

“I have a couple of nieces who are terrified that someone is going to come and kill them at their house. They don’t even live in Florida,” said Steven Swan.

He says he still goes through waves of anger and denial. the first thing is denial.

“It just feels like they are on a cruise, in the South Pacific somewhere. When you think that somebody came into their house, shot two senior citizens in cold blood and left them there dead, you get real angry and I get very angry and I can’t move on. I have to go back into denial and now I am stuck in denial,” explained the victim’s son.

Adding to what has been a frustrating time for Steven Swan, he says there’s an ongoing legal battle over his father and step-mother’s estate; the suit for over half a million dollars was filed in July 2019 by his step-sister and Mina Swan’s daughter, Noel Devine.

The suit alleges David Swan failed to make monthly payments to Mina Swan agreed to back in 2006, which damaged her estate. It also alleges David transferred funds out of a joint account without Mina’s knowledge or consent, which again, damaged her estate.

Steven Swan says he is fighting to dismiss the suit.

“He kept separate finances from his wife. Her finances were at Raymond James, dad’s were at Charles Schwab. Everything was separate, everybody knew that. And then, this happens and then all of a sudden, it is joint…no, it is not,” said Steven Swan. “It is completely bogus, it is not based on facts. If you actually read it, you will see how ridiculous it is, but we are coming up with legal fees to have to get this dismissed,” he continued.

Investigators say they will look into the lawsuit as part of their investigation.

Investigators with the Clearwater Police Department say they work on this case daily and hope to continue making progress. They’re focusing on a theory that they could not elaborate on.

“We investigate every lead. We get stuff regularly. People giving their opinions, their theories. Sometimes we get stuff that pans out and that is relevant, sometimes we get stuff that is not relevant,” said Lt. Walek. “We are just looking for that one piece that adds to our puzzle, that is the key to this thing. There is somebody out there that knows something that we don’t know and that is the key that we need.. To them it may be a small piece, a red car, a blue car, a suspicious person, aomething like that that somebody saw is some thing that to them it may be nothing, but to us it may be something,” he continued.

There is a $53,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest in this case.

If you have any information, you’re asked to call Clearwater Police at 727-562-4242 or contact Crimestoppers of Pinellas.

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