ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Concrete trucks are beginning to pour into St. Petersburg this weekend as a 46-story luxury high-rise building takes shape.

However, some residents are frustrated that this portion of the project is kicking off on a Friday night.

The Red Apple Group is a New York-based developer behind the complex that will be called The Residences at 400 Central.

“It’s the tallest residential building on the west coast of Florida,” said William Unger, senior vice president of construction for Red Apple Group.

From Friday into Saturday night, approximately 650 concrete trucks will be driving these roads to pour concrete for The Residences at 400 Central.

While no lane closures are anticipated, some instances of blocked lanes or congestion can be expected as trucks drive to and from the construction site.

“I think it makes the most sense for the community too because it’s at night,” said Unger. “It’s not going to disturb a lot of people. It’s not a disturbing operation.”

The luxury complex will have 301 condominiums and will take about two and a half years to complete.