CLEARWATER BEACH, Fla. (WFLA) – It was certainly not a chamber of commerce weather at Clearwater Beach. The beach was deserted for the most part, but the chilly temperatures and constant rain didn’t keep everyone away.

Tourists from up north and the midwest are enjoying temperatures in the low to mid-50s including Roy and Debbie Hance who are visiting from upstate New York.

“I know it’s cold for Florida but we’re loving it,” said Debbie Hance. “It was 25 below and 29 below consecutive nights after we left, so this is great.”

Debbie’s husband Roy agrees. “We actually, just a little ways from where we live, it was minus 34,” said Roy Hance. “We set a United States record for low temperature that day for the whole country including Alaska, so we’re okay with it. “

Lisa Schmidt and her daughters are in town from Nebraska, where the temperatures have been dipping into the negative single digits.

“It’s negative seven back home, four for a high,” said Schmidt. “Today we’re going to walk around and not do much, tomorrow we might hit the beach. “

Konrad Ciolko is a water safety supervisor for the City of Clearwater. He and his staff have been patrolling the beach today and said the conditions are certainly not ideal.

“It’s cold out here, the water temp is about 60 degrees,” said Ciolko. “So not a good day at the beach.”