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‘Toe tagging’ causing headaches for St. Petersburg neighbors

Pinellas County

We have new video of “toe tagging” as it happens.

That’s the dangerous driving style where cars follow each other in a line at high speed, often with passengers hanging out of the windows.

Ask St. Petersburg neighbors who live on 16th Street South, and they’ll tell you it is common practice.

It happens mostly on Friday and Saturday nights.

“It’s obviously pretty dangerous. I’ve seen them go up and down the streets side by side at extremely high rates of speed and it’s not safe for the community,” said neighbor Eric Formico.

Formico grabbed his cell phone and later put his drone in the air to capture “toe tagging” at Lake Vista park. Young people turned it into a raceway.

“Seeing the way that they drive down, hanging out the windows, driving at high rates of speed. On some of the video I caught, I did catch somebody losing control and clipping another vehicle,” said Formico.

St. Petersburg police are very much aware of the “toe tagging” phenomenon.

Word spreads on social media of where to meet.

“Once they meet there, they usually line up, follow each other, driving erratic, hanging out of windows, sunroof, and things like that,” Lt. Anthony McCoy.

Formico’s drone video shows police cruisers arriving with their lights flashing. A mass exodus ensues with drivers jumping the curb and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Lt. McCoy said “toe tagging” is not tolerated.

“Once we are made aware of it, we usually enforce all traffic laws and try to prevent it,” he said.

Leonard “L.A.” Hills believes he is the victim of “toe tagging.” He is laid up after a weekend head-on crash.

“It’s something common in St. Petersburg. A lot of people haven’t heard about it and I’m surprised,” said T’angela Carbart.

Eric Formico hopes it stops.

“When you call the police, they show up, they shoo them away and they’re back an hour later,” he said.

Police are issuing citations for “toe tagging,” saying it can be very dangerous.

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