DUNEDIN, Fla. (WFLA) – A former ATM is serving up street tacos along Main Street in Dunedin.

“There was a Chase ATM here. They moved out, so the property owner came to us and [said,] ‘you guys know how to work in a small space,'” Chef Traci Bryant Ferguson explained.

“We had a food truck at the time, Caracara [another Dunedin restaurant,] wasn’t yet open. So we came over and said, ‘this is totally doable.’ And we had just gotten back from Mexico, where there’s tons of taquerias, tiny taquerias, all over the place, so it seems like a perfect fit.”

Caracara features Asian tapas and tacos, as well as a bar and is located in close proximity to Taco Baby, at 730 Broadway Suite 4.

Chef Bryant Ferguson said, at the time, there weren’t a lot of street food options in Dunedin.

Throughout the pandemic, Taco Baby has been a Dunedin staple, as those with a craving can pick up their grub in an open-air setting. The refurbished ATM, being in a small space, does not have any indoor seating.

(Courtesy: Taco Baby)

“People are able to come and get the food to go and I think that really helped us,” said Chef Bryant Ferguson. “So we were able to operate full hours.”

Chef Bryant Ferguson, whose family owns the Dunedin Brewery, also operated Coattails in Dunedin, the kitchen for Woodright Brewing Company as a food truck, as well as catering and collaborating with other local chefs, doing pop-up dinners. She is also doing much more in the town.

The Taco Baby menu is simple and includes chips with salsa and/or queso and street tacos for $3.50 each.

There are three taco options, including the “al pastor,” rotisserie pork, pineapple and salsa, the “tinga,” with chipotle chicken and pickled corn as well as the “jackfruit pibill,” a vegan option, with queso seca and pickled onion.

Courtesy: Taco Baby

Nachos with cheese, salsa and a protein can be purchased for $10, as well as Yucatan popsicles for $3, when available.

Taco Baby is located at 235 Main Street in Dunedin. The taqueria is open Sunday through Thursday, from noon until 8 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from noon until 10 p.m. You can also visit them online at any time.