ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — A 51-year-old man has died after more than 15 rounds were shot into his home in St. Petersburg last week.

The shooting happened before sunrise on Oct. 9th at a home on James Avenue South.

Police say Antwan Evans was one of 12 people inside the home, where a suspect first knocked on the door, and when no one answered, the suspect started shooting.

Evans’ family members say he tried to protect his granddaughter from bullets flying inside the home.

“He grabbed her to shield her, and I think that’s how he got hit, trying to shield his grandbaby,” said Tommy Wall, Evans’ brother-in-law.

Police say Evans was shot in the abdomen and taken to an area hospital. The victim’s family told 8 On Your Side he died from injuries sustained during the shooting.

“We thought he was going to be alright, and he lasted for some days but turned for the worst – The Lord called him home,” Wall said.

Evans’ family members say he was a family man who spent over 30 years working in construction.

“It’s hard. We could be burying, like a living room full of people. I just, I just really don’t understand this, I’ll never understand it, he took everything from us,” said Jamaya Evans, the victim’s niece.

Police told 8 On Your Side they believe there was only one shooter involved in this incident. No arrests have been made in this case yet.

The victim’s family has started a GoFundMe to support funeral costs.