CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — The suspect in a deadly shooting on Clearwater Beach was caught with the help of video surveillance. Police arrested Jonathan Stanley, 20, within 24 hours of the shooting Tuesday night inside a Surf Style.

“The analysts were able to start coming through video footage very quickly, identifying video footage of him milling about throughout Clearwater Beach,” said Police Chief Dan Slaughter.

Slaughter took us inside Clearwater Police Department’s real time operation center.

“The analyst have analytics software that they can put in there, saying were looking for this particular guy, and it’ll pull him out of every video,” said the chief.

Analysts can tap into officer’s body worn cameras, city and traffic cameras as well as private businesses that have a partnership with police.

“That technology allows us to pretty much hold anybody accountable that comes out and commits a crime,” he said.

It led detectives to quickly finding and arresting Stanley after police say he shot and killed Rodney Sweeney, 22, inside Surf Style Tuesday night around 8 p.m. on South Gulf view Boulevard.

Chief Slaughter said Stanley then hid the gun inside the store and ran. Sweeney’s brother found the murder weapon and ran after him.

Stanley was arrested within 24 hours of the crime. Detectives said Zayah Massucci, 19, was charged with accessory for aiding Stanley.

“There is nobody that’s going to go out there and commit a crime in our community and get a free pass,” said Chief Slaughter.

Investigators said there was a verbal fight throughout the day that culminated into the shooting.Sweeney and Stanley did not appear to know each other.

“What happens a lot of the time with these groups, they all go there, some of them I believe with the intent to fight and I think that’s what Jonathan and his little clan was involved in,” he said.

Stanley is being held on a 750,000 bond.

Chief Slaughter said Clearwater is not immune to the violent crime but also said crime is trending down compared to this time last year.