From pinball games like the Black Lagoon to arcade games like Mortal Kombat, Replay Museum in Tarpon Springs is a one-stop shop for nostalgic video and arcade gamers.

“Most museums follow a standard approach of displays to be viewed in a walk, stop, and look. The Replay Museum’s vision is to create a touch, play, and learn environment that is both educational and exciting,” said Replay Museum’s Bobbi Douthitt. 

That’s right, with more than 100 pinball games, video games and other amusements from the past Replay Museum is a place where customers can actually play the games.

“We strive to awaken the sweetest memories of those who grew up in different time and trigger the fascination and interest in a younger generation,” Douthitt said.

It is a little known fact but all the games at Replay Museum are the owners collections that he bought over the years and now he wants to share them with the public.

“Pinball, jukeboxes and video arcade games have always been considered more than entertainment. They are a scrapbook of America, a looking glass of culture, and a pleasure-filled journey winding through a wonderful marriage of art, science and technology, Douthitt said.

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Playing pinball at Replay Museum.