TAMPA (WFLA) – The woman who questioned why a Tampa Police Officer drew a gun on her during a traffic stop has been arrested.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office, Joneshia Wilkerson, 23, went to the Hertz
Rent-a-Car at St. Pete Clearwater Airport and rented a black Nissan Altima on June 2.

Deputies say the vehicle, due back on June 6, was never returned.

When Hertz attempted to contact Wilkerson they discovered the credit card she used was stolen and filed a stolen vehicle report with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office on June 18.

Later that day, officers with the Tampa Police Department stopped the stolen vehicle and identified the driver as Wilkerson.

At the time, Wilkerson broadcast the traffic stop live on Instagram and told Tampa officers that she borrowed the vehicle from a friend.

Pinellas detectives spoke with the Hertz manager who rented Wilkerson the vehicle and identified her from her Instagram video.

Investigators also provided surveillance footage at Hertz that showed Wilkerson renting the car.

Detectives discovered the driver’s license Wilkerson used belonged to a friend which was lent to Wilkerson in exchange for $200. The phone number provided on the rental agreement was the same number Wilkerson provided to Tampa officers as her own.

The credit card number Wilkerson used belonged to a victim in Indiana who was still in possession of their original card.

Wilkerson told 8 On Your Side back in June she borrowed the car from a friend and didn’t know it had been reported as stolen. She believed the officer had no reason to point his gun at her.

“I just felt like it was completely unreasonable how he handled the situation,” Wilkerson said.

“These are the difficult times that are going on right now. People are taking their own version of the facts, condensing it to their story or whatever their narrative is and it’s not helping things in the current climate that we are in,” said Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan.

The friend of Wilkerson and passenger on the day she was pulled over was shocked hear she’d been arrested.

“I really thought someone else had stolen the car. I thought she was borrowing it. I didn’t know any of that,” said Zephanesha Dillard.

She told 8 On Your Side there may have been a lawsuit coming against TPD, but that may change since Wilkerson was arrested.

“I guess the lawsuit is done and over with cause the car turned out to be stolen and she was the one who did it,” said Dillard.

“So you guys were planning on suing TPD? Was that in the works,” asked 8 On Your Side’s Marco Villarreal.

“Well, yeah in the process…yeah,” answered Dillard.

Wilkerson has been charged with failure to return a leased vehicle and fraudulent use of a credit card.