ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – Elaine Goller can’t believe it. When she contacted 8 on Your Side after rolling over dozens of roofing nails, she never dreamed the company responsible would step forward and accept responsibility.

“I so appreciate someone doing that and my hat is off to honesty,” said Goller. “They came forward and said we are responsible. How often does that happen? I’m almost speechless.”

MJ, host of the MJ Morning Show on radio station Q105 featured 8 On Your Side’s story on his show Tuesday morning. It reminded him of an incident he witnessed on the Howard Frankland Bridge where a semi-truck axle exploded, sending metal chunks everywhere.

“There were three dozen or so cars pulled over on the Howard Frankland, on 275 with flat tires,” said MJ. “And when I saw the story on the Channel 8 website it resonated.”

While discussing the story on his morning show, a caller named John popped up on the line. John identified himself as a manager at the ABC supply store in Tampa, a company that specializes in building and roofing supplies.

“Just heard about you talking about those dumped nails. It wasn’t a vandal or nothing like that,” said the caller. “Our driver didn’t secure the box of nails and it fell off as he turned the corner. And we’ve replaced the tires on four cars already.”

That was a call MJ was not expecting.

“For him to call in and take responsibility and say, that was our truck and we’re taking full responsibility, we’re paying for the tires,” said MJ. “It’s a stand-up thing for them to do.”

No one from ABC Supply was available for an interview, but the company did send us a statement accepting responsibility.

ABC Supply was made aware that nails were dropped from one of our trucks accidentally on Pasadena Avenue South on Jan. 25. We apologize to those who are impacted and are committed to reimbursing repairs related to the incident. Anyone who owns a vehicle whose tires were affected by this incident is encouraged to reach out to with a receipt of their tire repairs.

James Carter also rolled over several nails and had to replace two tires on his pickup truck. He’s hopeful now he will see at least some of his money back.

“I’m just hoping they come through. They said they was going to take care of it,” said Carter. “And then Channel 8 and the other people really are pushing to get this worked out.”