CLEARWATER, Fl. (WFLA) — A popular Tampa Bay brewery and distillery is going green.

Big Storm Brewing Co. in Clearwater is installing new technology that will reduce its carbon footprint. Big Storm is partnering with Earthly Labs of Austin, Texas, to install two new systems by the end of the year. The systems allow Big Storm to capture carbon dioxide from the brewing and distilling process and reuse it to reduce CO2 emissions.

“There are little areas all throughout the brewery that unfortunately CO2 is produced and just goes out into the open,” Big Storm co-owner L.J. Govoni said.

The technology is already used by bigger breweries and is now becoming more economical for smaller breweries.

“We’re a business coming out of COVID, so anything we can do to save money is smart, and the obvious impacts of being a good neighbor and being good to our environment – that makes everything easy,” Govoni said.

The new devices will capture carbon dioxide from the brewing and distilling process, which will then be purified and reused to carbonate and package beer.

“Most of the breweries in Tampa bay are going to buy CO2 to carbonate their beverages. Now we won’t have to do that, and hopefully we can actually put some purified CO2 back into the supply to sell to other breweries,” Govoni explained.

Big Storm estimates the process will be equal to planting 1,500 trees every year. Making the deal even sweeter, the purified CO2 can produce a better tasting beer.

“Purified CO2 absolutely is going to make it a difference on the flavor and experience, and that’s super exciting for us,” said Govoni.

The technology will be installed at Big Storm Brewing Co. in December, with CO2 capture expected to start by early 2021.