CLEARWATER, Fla. (WFLA) — A Lowe’s in Clearwater was busy all day Saturday, as hurricane veterans and first-timers alike visited the store to stock up for Ian. Lowe’s sold all 60 generators and 12 pallets of water it had on hand before 1:30 p.m.

“This is earlier compared to when this storm’s supposed to hit,” store manager Adam Becker said. “Usually, especially in this area here, two days out you get this big rush. I’m kind of happy to see it because it means people are prepping sooner.”

Customers also told 8 On Your Side Lowe’s ran out of propane in the evening. Becker advised shoppers to buy emergency supplies and stock up now, especially if it’s items that don’t go bad.

“About 7:30 in the morning is when the rush hit,” Becker explained. “Selling through generators, tarps, gas cans were big. A lot of people buying pre-mixed TruFuel for their generators, things like that.”

Lowe’s eventually caught up and restocked the water and generators later Saturday afternoon.

“This will be my first hurricane too,” said St. Pete resident Caitlin. “I’m actually excited.”

The Canada native recently moved to the Bay Area and bought a house with her husband Jason. Now they’re trying to protect it.

“I lived in Florida my whole life,” Jason said. “Gainesville area, so not on the coast. We’re now on the coast, this is the first storm that’s actually going to hit where I’m at, so yeah, first experience in 35 years.”

Their purchases included plywood, 2×6 planks, and a generator. Food and water were purchased a while ago.

Becker said people like Jason and Caitlin are not atypical.

“You have a lot of people coming in, new homes, they want to protect,” Becker said. “I think that’s driving some of the early business.”

He also thinks part of the demand is a release from being pent up during a quiet hurricane season thus far. The rush started nearly a week before Ian is currently expected to make landfall.

Now that Jason and Caitlin have their equipment, they’ll lay their sandbags and sit tight, playing Monopoly and unpacking their new house as best they can.

“I think we will be well prepared,” Caitlin said. “Just going to hunker down and try to enjoy it.”