ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — Help for Haiti continues to pour in from all over, including one Tampa Bay area foundation that’s no stranger to supporting the country.

They’re partnering with another local group to collect donations for those in need.

The Souvenir Children Foundation of Haiti started after the 2010 earthquake. The foundation is based in Lutz.

Now, more than a decade later they’re trying to do whatever they can for the people of Haiti following a devastating earthquake.

Eunice Laborde is the director of the foundation. She is from Port-au-Prince and her parents are from the southern part of Haiti, where the Aug. 14th earthquake killed thousands of people, destroyed homes, and left many people homeless.

“It is painful, emotionally draining, people are sleeping in the rain every night I can’t imagine,” Laborde said. “They have lost their homes, their church has been destroyed.”

Laborde says the organization has done tons of work in the country over the last few years but now, the foundation is focused on sending food and providing shelter in two hard-hit communities.

The food has already landed. Laborde says ultimately they will support 100 families.

“In Haiti, a church is a safe place people go when there’s a storm or they’re homeless, they can sleep there and go to work the next day, it has been destroyed,” Laborde said.

The foundation is partnering with Southside Fresh Market in Saint Petersburg. The market is accepting donations for the organization every Sunday through the month of September.

“We’re all about supporting and helping each other out especially in times of crisis,” Co-founder Ramona Brayboy said.

Laborde says she’s talking with people in these specific communities every day so they can know they’re not alone.

“The only thing I can do with all these feelings that I have is to try everywhere, anyone I meet, to let them know what’s going on and see whatever way they can help,” Laborde said.

Southside Fresh Market is accepting drop-off donations on behalf of the Souvenir Children’s Foundation every Sunday from 11 to 5 through the month of September. They are located at 2184 9th Ave S, St. Petersburg FL 33712.