PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Sunset Beach is set to reopen on Saturday after a month-long dune-restoration project to repair damage from Hurricane Idalia.

Pinellas County headed up the project, with the tourism tax funding more than $6 million to restore the dunes, which play a vital role in protecting areas from storm surge and wind.

The final stage of the project completion was planting native vegetation to stabilize the new dunes.

Signs are being installed to remind residents and visitors to stay off the dunes and where to walk instead. The county and city hope this will help keep the dunes from being trampled on.

“I want to thank the Pinellas County Commission and staff for funding and administering this Emergency Dune Restoration project, the City was happy to partner as the boots on the ground to inform, educate and collect the necessary construction easements from property owners that enabled the project to move forward,” Treasure Island City Manager Amy Davis said in a statement. “It is amazing what can get accomplished when we all work together and that is what it took to get this project completed.”