TREASURE ISLAND, Fla. (WFLA) — Neighbors and visitors of Sunset Beach can enjoy the area in its entirety again.

The beach officially reopened after closing due to Hurricane Idalia’s impacts.

Not only is the beach re-open but so are parking lots. All that’s missing is some walkways torn down for the project.

Visitors should be careful on the now steep sand dunes.

The reopening came just in time for Christina Johnson. She and her friend are visiting Treasure Island to escape the Minnesota snow.

“We saw the signs that said the beach was closed on Sunset Beach. We got a little panicky,” Johnson said. “But we’re happy that they’re open today.”

The sand dunes are restored thanks to Pinellas County’s $6 million project stretching a mile down the beach.

Now you will find signs urging you to stay off the dunes as dune plants grow — which will take a while.

“If another storm came on our shore, there would be no protection for this community, so the flooding and everything we saw from Idalia, that would be even worse in this community if you didn’t have the dunes there to protect it,” Treasure Island Spokesperson Jason Beisel said.

DeMay is part of making Sunset Beach beautiful.

She’s been cleaning it since 1987 and was pleased to see its condition after a month-long closure.

“I’ve seen less [trash] because humans aren’t here doing it,” DeMay said.

There seems to be no better time to resume beach activities.

“We walk the beach either morning or evening and we just love to sit on it all day long and listen to the waves,” Johnson said.

As far as the beach renourishment project that was supposed to be completed in the area in 2024, city officials tell us that’s on hold.