ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) — The Child’s Park neighborhood in St. Petersburg will get air quality monitors after complaints of foul odors.

The area is home to an industrial hub with an oil recycling plant and a petroleum company, but there are also many homes, a school and a YMCA.

According to St. Petersburg Director of Resilience and Sustainability, Sharon Wright, the smell complaints started over a decade ago.

The city used grant funds to purchase five purple air-quality sensors that detect air particles, including dust and smoke. Starting Thursday, they will test one of those sensors in a resident’s home.

“It can tell you that there’s particular matter, but that doesn’t get to what is the element possibly causing the odor or the issue, first you just determine that and then the air quality experts help us determine what to get next to narrow it down,” Wright said.

Wright said data from the purple air monitors will be publicly available online. If the first monitor works successfully, they hope to install the remaining four.