ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (WFLA) – The St. Petersburg Police Department introduced its two newest additions to the force on Tuesday: Hero and Storm.

Perkins Elementary submitted the winning names for the horses in the department’s Mounted Police Unit in a naming contest.

Six elementary schools in the city took part in the contest and nearly 70 names were submitted.

Mrs. Fortenbery’s second grade class at Perkins Elementary picked the winning name for the male horse, “Hero.” The fourth grade students in Ms. Zeedyk’s class named the female horse “Storm.”

St. Petersburg police said Hero is an 11-year-old Brabant breed from Tennessee. He weighs more than 1600 lbs and is still growing. Storm is a 7-year-old Belgium Draft Cross breed from Pennsylvania that weighs 1300 lbs.

Officers Yancey and McWade of the Mounted Police Unit are taking the horses through intense training to get them used to patrolling in crowded and noisy conditions, as well as alongside traffic.

Hero and Storm will replace veteran patrol horses Brooklyn and Jacob, which are set to retire at a North Carolina farm.