ST. PETERSBURG – Gone are the days of taking a trip to your local Blockbuster to rent your favorite movies for the weekend, but maybe that nostalgic feeling isn’t gone after all.

Little Free Libraries is a small library that makes books and works of literature accessible to kids and adults. St. Petersburg decided to take things a step further by introducing a similar concept for movie lovers – the Little Free Blockbuster.

Free Blockbuster is a nonprofit organization that encourages residents to exchange movies in the neighborhood. The movie library brings back that old Blockbuster feeling – minus the late fees if you forget to return the DVD.

Residents can follow Free Blockbuster’s Facebook page to keep up with updates on the offered movie selections.

Movies in the library have included Monty Python, The Lego Movie, Dodgeball, and more.

“Free Blockbuster St. Pete is a Media stand located in St. Petersburg, FL that acts as a free movie library where you can take or leave media, mainly DVDs and Blu-Rays,” the nonprofit wrote on Facebook.

Free Blockbuster can be found at Kingston St. N, between 34th and 36th Avenues. When visiting, bring a few movies and take a few, but just remember to “be kind, rewind.”